A downloadable game for Windows

Billed To Order (it's a bird pun)

I've always felt most at home...
         when making a home for others~ ✨✨🐦🐤🐣🐧🦉

What Is?

Build houses for your backyard bird friends and learn about the importance of proper desk organization!

There are no mistakes, only accidental  a e s t h e t i c s! 

How to Play:

  • Remember which drawer each tool or building material is in! 
  • Use ⬅ & ➡  or D to switch between your instructions workbench.
  • Click the drawers to use material or tool within. 
  • Follow the instructions to build each beautiful birdhouse.
  • After 3 houses, watch your bird-friends appreciate their new homes!
  • Tip: Self expression > getting it right. Don't sweat the small stuff


Steve Zapata - 3D, Tech Art - @ZappForThat - Site

Ed Lu - Programming - chaosed0 -  Site

Victor Cortez - FX, Art - @ThermalAmpedSite

Tomas Gomez - 3D Art 

Patrick Allred - Audio programming, Sound Design, Music - @Pantzmcgee - Site

Avery Pratt - Music, Programming - avylazyboy 

John Michael Hunt - Sound Design - Site

Originally developed for the Global Game Jam 2019: Submission Page

The theme was: What does Home mean to you?

Updated 10 days ago
Published 11 days ago
AuthorsZappForThat, Pantzmcgee, Avery Pratt, chaosed0, ThermalAmp
TagsGlobal Game Jam


Billed To Order 20190211_00.zip 56 MB


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The art style of the game is really well done. It's a really fun and cute game.

Fun and cute game! Too bad my memory sucks or I would have done better lol but I still very much enjoyed the game! 

This game was quite difficult however it was still really fun.

I was really bad at this game, but it was interesting to play and quite flustering to get the right parts for the bird houses, but overall I thought it was pretty good!


I love your game! it is truly art and I really enjoyed it! thank you for sharing! 


Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing & for sharing it!